Fundec Consultancy

FUNDEC also offers consulting and services provision to firms in building industry, together with innovation and improvement in processes that can foster advances in Portuguese Civil Engineering and Architecture within the European Union and the internationalized market place.

These activities are organized in close cooperation with the DECivil R&D units and experimental laboratories.

FUNDEC’s main consulting areas are:

• Architecture;
• Computer Systems and Design Support;
• Construction Studies;
• Design of Structures and Geotechnics;
• Energy, Upgrading and Risk;
• Environment and water resources;
• Mechanics, Modelling and Analysis of Structures;
• River and Marine Systems;
• Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Pollution Control;
• Seismic Engineering and Seismology;
• Systems and Management;
• Transport Policy Systems and Infra-structure;
• Urban Planning and the Environment.