Protocol IST - FUNDEC – Teixeira Duarte S.A.

The Instituto Superior Técnico, the FUNDEC and the Teixeira Duarte S. A. signed a protocol given the set of development activities, research projects and initiatives in the field of training in the various fields of Civil Engineering.
The protocol will address the following areas of collaboration:
  • Research, development and innovation;
  • Training and internship programs;
  • Training courses abroad.
  • Initiatives of scientific and technological contex
During the ceremony held at the Museum of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources of IST, the President of IST Professor Arlindo Oliveira, said that it is a protocol that exemplifies the kind of cooperation between the school and industry that the country should have, and by which the Técnico has been characterize
Eng. Joel Viana de Lemos, Director of Teixeira Duarte S.A, emphasized the big bet of Teixeira Duarte to strengthen the relationship with IST in favor of technological development and competitiveness, and that turns out to be the institutionalization of an existing cooperation longstanding.