HBIM Basics

4 weeks (e-learning)150€ (taxes included)

This course provides an introduction to heritage building modelling in the Revit (Autodesk) environment, based on point cloud data. The course provides several keywords and references that define the practice of Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM). These definitions frame a series of video tutorials based on the best modelling practices used in our research, primarily at the Convento dos Capuchos in Caparica, Portugal.

Because the HBIM field is relatively new, and because there are no universally applicable standards, this course aims to make students aware of the range of modelling techniques possible, through specific conditions, which we think are easily replicated in other conditions.

The video tutorials can be followed, step by step, by students at their own pace. They illustrate the modelling of basic components (e.g. walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows) from point clouds, as well as the configuration of files and the visualisation and verification of results.

To adequately follow the illustrated modelling techniques, students should have a minimum knowledge of modelling in Revit.

It is estimated that the course will require between 6h and 8h to view and practice. The course will be accessible for 4 weeks.

Coordination team

Prof.ª Ana Tomé
E-mail: clique aqui

Prof. Jesse Rafeiro
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